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Im going to be in Ecuador in February, checking it out, traveiing around. If anyone else is there at that time, let me know and maybe we can meet..

What is the average cost to live in Cuenca?

Going to Cuenca in May or June. Could use any and all help with travel arrangements, job placement, residency issues, work visa....

Can I live on less than 500 a month in Cuenca?

I want to find a place for an early retirement. There are a few restrictions and requirements, but those are for me to deal with. I hear all of these glorious exultations of how spectacular a place Cuenca is to live. I hear them from unbiased, expat, just trying to be helpful, sources. After a few newsletters it becomes glaringly obvious that this â??helpful retireeâ?? is simply a self-promoting, businessman trying to get some land/real estate investment bucks out of me. I just want to hear from some current expats who will give me the bottom line scoop on the place Pen-pals if you will. I do not want to buy a 12,000 square ft. beach house for $8.67. I do not want to, get in while the getting is cheap, on the bottom floor, before the prices skyrocket, as a great investment. I have no investment money only good living, happy feet money. I want to live cheaply, rent a modest apartment, eat out often, travel the country, make some good friends, (expats and natives), perhaps fall in in love and just be happy. I would like to have some ESL students for fun and to help keep me busy. Please, if youâ??re just nice folks with no hidden agenda, just good people, would you be so kind as to write?

Hi, Ive been a professional musician(keyboards, acoustic guitar and vocals), director of business development for 20 years and have done mental health counseling. How could some or all of my background be useful in enhancing the well being of the community(both locals and expats) if I move my life to Cuenca? Any thoughtful feedback from those who call Cuenca home would be immensely helpful in making a huge decision in my life.
Thanks, Murray

hello, am new subscriber can anyone tell me about availability of presciption pain releivers in ecuador? my wife and i are retired and considering moving overseas but dont know much about such things. we are in houston texas. thanks. toucan

how easy is it to find american friends or people that speak English in Cuenca Ecuador