Rob's Reflexology

Certified Reflexologist now serving the Cuenca community. Reflexology to reduce stress, improve health, enhance athletic performance, relax

Certified 20 year experienced reflexologist specializing in stress reduction, relaxation and natural health remedy. Proven techniques are used to bring the body back into balance and achieve homeostasis. Benefits of reflexology include improve nerve function, boosted energy levels, increased circulation, relaxation, elimination of toxins, nervous system stimulation, reduction in headaches, improved digestion system, decreased insomnia and better sleep quality, decreased side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, faster healing of injuries.

Reflexology for runners and athletes helps them run longer without muscle fatigue or cramping, reduce muscle stiffness. It also prevents or help the body to recover from soft tissue sprains, strains and tears by relaxing the muscles.

This is not just a massage. The results are long lasting and the benefits are far reaching. I know from my personal experience and those of several long-term clients.

$30 for 60 minute session. I speak English and Spanish. Send a text through What'sApp +1 954 873 5272. Email

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